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My wife Arlene and I are wine lovers and especially enjoy making the types of wine we like the most.  We use only the finest imported, costly  wine juices from recognized award-winning global wineries and then we handcraft the juices into premium, benchmark quality wines by passionately adhering to five guiding principles as we strive to make our wines equal to, or better than high-priced known brands.

Here's an alphabetized list of our nine recognized exceptional wines that we  make for our own enjoyment, to serve to visiting friends and to gift to charities for their fund raisers. Note the famed regions these wine juices are imported from. Click on the wine's name to get complete information about that wine.

Eugene Wine – is boutique micro-vinification winery, handcrafting benchmark wines in small batches, using time-tested, traditional production methods and high quality standards coupled to exemplary sanitary standards. Our mission is to continue producing world-class premium wines that exceed  expectations.

Our wines are not for sale but can be tasted at competitions or at fund raising events. For information about tasting events click HERE.

For information how the Charity we support gifts  donors bottles or cases of Eugene Wine, click HERE.

We gift our wine to Humane Animal Treatment Charity, Inc., an IRS approved 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization. They raise crucially needed funds to benefit non-profit no-kill animal rescue facilities. In turn, donors and supporters of the charity receive gifts of our wines – from the charity – to recognize their tax-deductible donations and contributions.

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